About Us

GardenLife is a fashion accessory design and manufacturing company that is all about giving decorators and re-branders, simple, stylish and contemporary products to work with.

We understand the need for value in todays’ fashion accessory market, so we create designs and choose materials that are stylish and simplistic without compromising quality.

Finding items that offer good value for money can be daunting. So we’ve painstakingly researched and made products that are easy for you to work with and also proud to sell to your customers.

We make products with you and your customers at the forefront of our minds. Your customers don’t want to break the bank in their search for unique gifts, since they have so many people to shop for, but you do want them to buy enough to make them happy and also keep you in business.

Our products help you and your customers strike that balance – lots of options you can work with at competitive costs, making it possible for you to create lots of products for your customers to choose from at affordable prices – it’s a win-win for everyone!

So get creative with our range of products that includes: Keyrings, Duffle, Washbags, Tote bags, Makeup bags etc.

Whatever you’re good at – embroidery, printing, stamping or embossing, we are your partners in creating products that you’ll love to work with.

Wherever you may be with your business ideas – just starting out, growing or expanding your craft? We have you in mind and you are more likely to find your ideal product(s) with us.


It’s been an exciting and challenging journey so far. We are convinced there’s yet a lot more to be done, and our quest remains creating simple and exciting products for decorators and re-branders.

Founders: Andy and Brooke